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Holistic Music & Art

Holistic Music & Art

Holistic Music & Art

Holistic Music & Art



In a realm of passion in my life I’ve always been
interested in finding a certain thruth in music.

Thuth that connects to the very core of our own

I’m glad to present music as a new package of

And bring about a bit of interaction to mine and
eventually your inner mental doors.
I’m glad to share the goods that
bringing them into existance out of the nothing.

Enjoy exploring good vibes out of music
the harmonical journey!


About me..

Welcome to my website! My name is Rob Hendrix.I’m born in 1979 and I live happily in the south of the Netherlands. My current occupation is building engineer though my biggest passion is creating music that touches. In my days that I went for voluntary work in Tanzania I found out music really brings people together in a physical way but also in a mental way. I figured out that people open up, show emotions earlier and feel more connected thanks to music. The hidden power of music that evokes emotions in a way I never knew I could feel always fascinated me.
So, if music can resonate with a human being at some point it could effect out lives positively..
With the knowledge of those positive effects of music in peoples lives I started in 2015 as a music companion at IBBO; a special school helping special children to educate them in a respectful way so they can be successful in their own perfect way. At Xonar I’m active as a music companion having interactive sessions with youth refugies. Refugies that left their home country and everything that was attached with that.

This is my website where I introduce the clarification of the nature of Music & Art and examples of my work.
To facilitate workshops please contact me by the attached contact form.

Our common challenge..

On this planet people often become victems because of mistreatment due to others or during circumstances. People that became victims by psychological, emotional or physical experiences often aren’t able to continue living their lives in freedom and happiness. Their faith, hope or self-esteem as a major values to guaranty life quality might be vanished. To honor themselves for who they are is no longer possible.
I believe in a world where we look after each-other because we are all connected to each-other. People are the world and the world is the people who live on it! 
The world has all the potentials to create a beautiful place to live on not minding the conditions we’re into.
It’s time to give way to those potentials.
Music + Artwork = Heartwork..

Because children are going to be the future on this planet it’s important to heal their hearts and souls, so their life experiences can be transmitted to others in a positive way. This way we can prevent children to become what happened to them. The laws of cause and effects always do their work. 

If we ‘re able to acknowledge and appreciate these children in the first place and let them discover who they really are by evoking feelings and thoughts of positivity in the second place, the children might be able to let go the burden and embrace love and happiness in their lives.

Introducing well-tuned music is the trigger that generates feelings, thoughts or images. If a child converts these values into  artworks by drawing or painting a child comes more in alignment with itself and to its origin.

Reconnect with the inner child and rise to become a beautiful shining flower. 

img_1494  Rob HANGDRUM  img_1492

Our origin…

We are all human beings that come from an all-embracing universal source. People can get disconnected because of accidents or instructed harmful principles by others. When our behavior is in a way that does not match with universal principles we can get ill and problems affect our lives badly.
We forget we’re beautiful and complete creatures and stop to believe in our very own strengths. Young born children as they come to earth are still connect to that universal source.
As soon as they are ‘teached’ by their relatives into logic and knowlegde they start disconnecting from the source. The accumulation of incidents on earth can make a person forget to be unique and beautifull as we’re all from the same source and will go back to it once. If incidents harm a person badly and a this person believes that those incidents become a certain truth for this person a trauma is born. There is no more identifying with the origin.

My contribution..

With a lot of dedication I want to help childeren, youth or adults (who are somehow lost from their origin) identifying who they truly are. To combine ‘well tuned’ music with art a reconnection to the soul can be established. This would be a first step to learn about someones own strength and someones capacity to overcome trauma’s in an holistic way.

Music and Art as a medium to welcome and conduct the beneficial energy flow into our bodies and minds.

I want to help children to become their own masters of mind again. To allow an independence perspective of life and give them utilities to grow.



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The Unseen Pattern…


To understand a bit about ourselves we have to understand a bit of the world and universe we live in. We’re connected with the universe because we are part of it. As we know the universe is moving. Everything around us is moving. Lot’s of elements around us are moving in a regular way. Something moving in a regular way can olso be mentioned as a vibration. Music is made of several vibrations. It’s a dynamic force waving through the air, water or other physical medium. Without vibrations there’s no kind of matter that can exist. In a way sound and music becomes a part of the universe and so our existence.

Because we’re all part of the universe all those kind of vibrations somehow will effect us. Dr. Emoto already explained to the world that water contains an uniqueness beauty if it’s in the right shape. A condition to impose is that the vibration renonates with the water. To resonate with the water the vibrations have to be high energetic, beautiful crystals can be observed when the water is exposed to good music, praying, giving good words…
In short: after the water has been brought back in it’s original condition, then water reveals some of the universal thuth. We can do this with our own bodies.

The key to improve your health is to transform the influences that already affected the physical, emotional or energetical human body into good vibrations by administer good vibrations. So it’s important to ‘tune’ well with our surroundings and have music that influences our well being positively. Good tuned vibrations by music or thoughts will resonate with our physical and non-physical parts of our bodies. In that way music brings us back to our origin.
Pure sounds that resonate with the universe and so the human presence is the tuning of the instruments into a frequency of 432 HZ. I made sure all of my instruments that I use are tuned by right settings. Our reaction on music will not only appear by receiving through our sense organs, but all elements of our bodies in all dimensions!!

Besides the music on it’s own: music evokes thoughts. Thoughts create an energy field in and around the body by vibrating waves. Then thoughts influence the subconci0us mind where basically welfare is formed. Vibrations that are generated by thoughts are an effective way to recover as well.


The human mind basicly is a reflection of the soul. Thoughts are a derivative of the human minds condition. To evoke thoughts by music, thought can be converted into images. Painting images is a natural way to create a close connection with the soul. If a human being is close connected with the soul then a person comes closer to his or her originality with a purpose to be loving creatures for themselves and others.

sound wavev1

< Please check out my PROJECTS – HOLISTIC MUSIC & ART >


To put the ideas about Music and Art into practice I introduce workshops.
Those may or may not be continously.
Because materials and fittings need to be acquired in order of the specified demands the offer needs to be custom fit. Each kind of workshop takes preparation in that kind of way.


Music will be heard and the listeners can concentrate on this music during the time period the music plays. After a moment of silence they will be questioned to draw their ideas/images on a piece of paper or painting.
During the creative work the music will be repeated. The type of music could be various but wouldn’t be the type that is promoted by popular radiostations.

In the first stage the music will be from tape. Afterwards when the creative work is done they have the opportunity to show their unique piece of work and eventually do a little expression or commentary that goes along with their work outs. Then they may keep their own expressive results so they always can recall that specific moment of (he)artwork.

In a second stage there might be the ability to perform music by real instruments. That should be checked out before acting. Of course is a decent introduction of instruments neccesary. Because there might be some preparations to obtain instruments this stage is also custom fit. Still the effects and impression of playing life can be put on paper or painting afterwards.


To facilitate workshops please contact me by the attached contact form.

< Please check out my PROJECTS – HOLISTIC MUSIC & ART >







Completely on your own

Still so strongly connected

Your true strength to you no longer known



Eyes speaking in colors of frozen summerwind

Will decline,


In time

speak up to the world in language of the sun

When wintertides have gone


To return

Your hands folding into a lilly white lotusblossom

Sunfilled with a shining coral diamant core

To burst open

And shine, like never before

Each child, a gift to the world

To love and be loved forever and more


Lovely child

You’ve come from far

Have faith

You once again

Will be who you truly are