Don't you know

The enlightening of the heart that encourages to be true to yourself and make clear decisions in life when necessary.

Song of freedom

The song is about freedom in your heart… the painting represents people following their heart that would lead them to the source. The source that represents themselves in most enlightened and brilliant way.

Winter dream


In a gently winterbreeze four leaved clovers pop up to bring joy in kind of dreary surroundings. Those four leaved clovers stand for: hope, trust, love and luck. The massage in the musicpart is: Sometimes those themes that a four leaved clover present may be hard to find in a persons live; but always consider the way of looking.

Dance of life

The moment of a perfect dance, supported by perfect conditions. A touch of eternity.

Trip into the unknown

The moment when thoughts aren’t involved any longer, then the moment of a real journey will start and the purity of the mind will be unfold..But where does it lead and what can you expect?

White Lion

The white lion that stands for proud, beauty and strength. Beautiful values to research in ourselves, become aware of them and cherish those values. The painting represents a high energy place on earth (Es Vedra – Ibiza). Those Rocks and Sun reflected in the eye of the white Lion. 

Mystic dream

It’s up to the human mind to spread it’s wings. If there’s enough courage to fly high  somebody might be able to create a big scale overview and follow the path that leads to a dream. On the other hand if there’s none intention to take any kind of risk, somebody will keep on flying low and be safe. There wouldn’t be a hard crash as a result of flying low. There isn’t much challenge either and those dreams could be just out of sight.